Aren’t You Glad Summertime is Here and Flowers are in Full Bloom

Picture by Frank Verkley

When you live in Canada you quickly lean to accept 4 seasons. One of the most exciting seasons of the year is summer if you are a gardener and you love the outdoors.Coming out of a cold winter while plants sleep, and colors are limited to greys, browns, and whites suddenly there is a splash of color and smell.  Everywhere you look you can see images of breath-taking flowers, and plants. The Canadian world turns into a canopy of color.

So, while summer is here, smell the flowers, enjoy the colors and appreciate the warmth of the sun. Go for walks and fill your soul with the beauty that surrounds you. Get into the garden and get your hands dirty. Talk to your neighbors and appreciate the opportunity to connect with others. Look for the small miracles all around you. They are everywhere if you look for them.

Picture by Frank Verkley

Soon enough the summer will be over, and we will have to wait another year for all the wonderful things that summer bring. So go out and really enjoy the sights, smell, sounds and beauty of summer.

Bottom 2 Pictures by Frank Verkley

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