Earth day 2021 and Doing Our Part

Earth Day is held every April 22nd and hosts a different theme every year. The event starts April 20 – 22 and includes many guest speakers and topics. For a full agenda please click below.

Earth Day has become one of the most well-known and celebrated days around the globe by almost all countries. Of the 195 countries of the world, 193 celebrated this day by 2014. There are many differences in our countries and backgrounds, but our one common factor is we all share the same planet.

We have only one Earth and through the years many of us have learned we want to protect the air we breath, water we drink and the land that we love for a better quality of life.

Each year as Earth Day becomes bigger and more celebrated, many schools, universities, and organizations of all kinds have joined forces to make a difference on our planet. It is a day full of small activities like planting a garden or trees, discovering plants, cleaning up trash from the roadside or recycling. Doing something environmental to celebrate Earth Day.

Major life changing milestones have also been reached as well with large projects with some taking years to coordinate.  Life changing events such as solar power, recycling, pollution and so much more.

How did Earth Day Start?

January 28th, 1969 there was a huge disaster in California off the coast of Santa Barbara where 3 million gallons of oil were spilled. Ocean life such as seabirds, dolphins, seals, sea lions, marine plants and life were affected. This disaster started a chain of events and reactions that changed our planet forever. It was one of the worst oil disasters of all time, but it was the catalyst to one of the largest movements of our time, Earth Day.

At the annual conference UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1969, the same year as the California oil spill,  peace activist John McConnel came up with the idea to honor the Earth on a special day.

Gaylord Nelson, a United States Senator, proposed April 22, 1970 as our first Earth day. This day would mark the beginning of a Nationwide Environmental “teach in” used for teaching people and implementing changes towards a better future for all of us and our planet. It was the way to bring environmental issues to our governments for change.

The 1970’s would be the beginning of major environmental changes in legislation for EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Superfund, Toxics Substances Control Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and may more policies.

1.Clumping or Crown system– big clump for the root system -eg Asters, Aosta, Day Lilies, Astilbees

Earth Day Themes Over the Past 50 Years

Many other concerns over the past 50 years have since been added to Earth Day actions. Issues such as protecting the ozone layer, climate change and global warming, organic foods, composting, recycling, plastics, pollution, endangered species, over population, dangerous chemicals, and oil spills, Agent Orange in Vietnam, lead paint, DDT and of lead in gasoline, drinking water and more.

The list will keep growing, and the issues will keep being brought up through Earth Day Org., however the solutions will also continue to prevail.

2.Spreading system– smaller individual plant root systems that are easily divided. eg Flox,

Favorite Earth Day Themes

One of my many favorites is Earth Day #20. It was the International Peace Climb led by Jim Whittaker, who was the first American to climb Mt Everest. More than 2 tons of trash that had accumulated on the mountain from climbing expeditions was brought off the mountain by climbers from United States, Soviet Union, and China.

It is amazing how when people join together on a cause, what can be accomplished. Another favorite project that Earth Day organized was in  2011 when 17 of the  world’s most severely deforested countries planted over 1.1 million trees across the globe.  Over 100 Billion Acts of Green were registered.

Huge Milestones for Earth Day Org

The SIGNING OF THE PARIS AGREEMENT AT THE UN in 2016, which occurred on Earth Day was a major accomplishment for Earth Day Org. This important movement for climate control was signed by 175 world leaders.

The other goal for 2016 Earth day was to plant 36 million trees in India, which was accomplished!

Another major milestone was last year in 2020 for Earth Day.  Due to Covid many gatherings and activities were cancelled. Earth Day quickly changed plans organizing hundred of millions of voices digitally to address urgent threats that were of concern.  “Over 100 million people took action in 192 countries to honor Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary in what is being referred to as the largest online mass mobilization in history.”

What is this years Theme?

This year 2021, Earth Day is celebrating 51 years of a movement designed to protect our fragile planet. This years Theme is is RESTORE OUR EARTH. The five primary programs are:

The Canopy Project, Food and Environment, Climate Literacy, the Global Earth Challenge, and The Great Global Cleanup.

What project do you want to organize or join this year? Remember even the littlest act can cause a ripple effect that leads to bigger and better changes. Comment below and let us know how you celebrated this day.

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